Please take special note that due to an overwhelmingly popular demand and an extremely high volume of new member suggestive inputs and requests, this clubs majority consensus is now to have all club venues and events specifically focused around those couples that are active, athletic and fit.   There are plenty of other clubs that cater to other less demanding venues not included here and for those desiring such venues they should seek to find them elsewhere.




Club Tigress is a private membership club for committed, adult couples. Only current members in good standing whose dues are current will be extended an invitation to attend weekly meetings. Club Tigress will never allow the general public to attend any weekly meetings. Invitations to Club Tigress's weekly meetings are offered to Club Tigress private members ONLY. Membership is strictly limited to committed, adult couples consisting of a male and female partner only. There are never any exceptions to this rule.

We have a strict dress code for meetings: Dress to impress or in theme. no t-shirts, no torn or old blue jeans. No shorts, no casual footwear unless the theme allows for the things to be worn.

Club Tigress reserves the right to remove or refuse entry to any guest member who, in the sole judgment of the member designated by the board to conduct the meetings, is intoxicated or who acts rude in any way. If a guest member is asked to leave and causes a scene the guest member couple will be indefinitely suspended from the membership list and will not be entitled to any refund or credit. Club Tigress insists that guest members show respect to others at all times. Any disrespectful conduct by either partner will be cause for removing the guest member couple and indefinitely suspending their membership as a couple without refund.

For the weekly meetings, doors opens at 8:00 p.m. and close promptly at 11:00 p.m. The meetings adjourn by 2:00 a.m.

If for any reason a guest member couple cannot attend a regular meeting after receiving an invitation, they may request a "rain check" which they may use for an invitation at their next meeting (i.e., the club will maintain their deposit, and you must redeem your rain check within 3 months from the date of issue of that rain check). If you redeem a rain check and do not use it you will not receive a rain check for that rain check.

Special Events: Halloween, NYE, Valentines and Yearly Anniversary are non-refundable and no rain checks will be issued for these events. Also, we do not accept free passes for these events.

Once admitted, no re-entry will be allowed without the approval of the member presiding over the meeting. Guest member couples must arrive and leave together.

All members must be over 21.

No illegal drugs of any kind or any other illegal activity is allowed on the premises of the meeting or in the parking lot at any time. Any violations will cause immediate and permanent loss of membership.

No men are allowed in meeting rooms unless immediately and continuously accompanied by a female partner.

If the female guest member exits the meeting room area, her male partner must also leave the meeting room area.

Absolutely no cameras or recording devices of any kind are allowed in or on the premises at any time, including cell phones with cameras in them. Cell phones without cameras are permitted in designated areas only.

Finally, and most important: At all times, NO means absolutely that - NO. At no time may any guest member continue any conduct toward another person after the other person has denied consent. Failure to respect the privacy or withdrawn consent of another member guest will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises and suspension of all membership privileges without refund.


Club Tigress members are required to acknowledge and agree to this waiver upon entry: The meetings put on by Club Tigress are a private membership event, and are by invitation only. The activities are for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. The topics may include such matters as human sexuality. You agree and you acknowledge that you may be exposed to these topics and others like them, and that you may be exposed to adult nudity and adult sexual contact, and that you find this in no way offensive to you.

That YOU and the Club Tigress membership, void of any court order, shall maintain the privacy of all members and will not reveal any names of any member to any other persons, for any reason whatsoever, i.e., give or sell any names of any members to any other person or persons. That YOU also agree not to photograph or record in any way any member or members without express written consent by said member and the board or management of Club Tigress.

That YOU agree not to reveal the location of the meetings held at Club Tigress, or any activities held at or by Club Tigress for any reason to any non-member at any time without written consent from management of Club Tigress.

That you understand that any membership fees paid to Club Tigress are not for any sexual activity that you and others may witness or engage in while at Club Tigress meetings and/or parties.

The YOU understand that YOU must not engage in any and all illegal activity of any kind at all meetings given by Club Tigress including the use or possession of any illegal drugs of any kind. That YOU understand any act of sex termed illegal by the State of California will not be performed in any way while attending Club Tigress.

That YOU agree to waive any liability of Club Tigress or its staff, board and officers, and hold Club Tigress harmless for an injury or loss that may accrue to YOU while participating in any and all functions at Club Tigress, unless said injury or loss is due to intentional acts of negligence on the part of Club Tigress.

That YOU expressly agree that your application to become a member of Club Tigress constitutes an agreement with the terms and conditions stated above, and that YOU understand and agree to all rules stated above by Club Tigress and that this agreement will not be amended in any way.

YOU agree to abide by all rules of Club Tigress and all directives by its board or designated management.

 Club Tigress