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About Club Tigress

     Club Tigress was designed to cater to all eligible “Author’s Private Club” Members.  In order to thank each of you who qualify to join this unique club, we have developed Club Tigress for those who are craving more from their typical Swinger’s Lifestyle Experience.


     Whether you and your significant other have been in a bit of a rut, or are simply looking for a change of pace in your usual lifestyle routine, Club Tigress may be just what you have been looking for!  Like certain other Swinger’s clubs, Club Tigress is currently designed to have the freedom to change its location in order to best suite each type of planned event. 


     What sets Club Tigress apart from other Swinger’s Lifestyle Clubs is that it offers tons of variety and is tailored to accommodate a wider range of different tastes and preferences from people of most backgrounds.  In order to satisfy all kinds of members, and to keep anyone from getting bored from one event to the next, there will be all sorts of different kinds of lifestyle parties, events, retreats, weekend getaways.  Cabin/ lodge mountain trips, resorts, cruises, yacht events, house-parties, and hotel events are just a few examples of what is yet to unfold for Club Tigress in the near future.  


     While the weather is currently optimal for yacht excursions, we are planning to host our first few events at sea…


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